Pink Floyd named after pioneers of the blues

AndersoncouncilPhoto credit YouTube user Ant Varandonis

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour shows his blues skills in this video

Sometimes we might wonder how some of our favorite bands got their name. Most of the time the answer is not that interesting. However, with the iconic British classic rock band Pink Floyd how they were named is very fascinating.

Pink Floyd was named by Syd Barrett one of the bands founding members who left the band in 1968 due to mental illness. Barrett named the band after two great pioneers of the blues first name. They are Pinkney “Pink” Anderson and Floyd Council. Hence the name “Pink Floyd”.

Pink Anderson performing “Thousand Woman Blues”

Many of the people who follow our website are intense Pink Floyd fans and might already a lot of the history of the band. But we are guessing they may not know a lot about the namesakes of the band Pinkney “Pink” Anderson and Floyd Council. So, we are going to share a little bit about them.

Pink Anderson recording of “I Had My Fun” (Going Down Slowly)

Pinkney “Pink” Anderson was born in Laurens, South Carolina on February 12th, 1900. He died on October 12th, 1974 (age 74) at nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina of a heart attack. Pink Anderson played the guitar and sang the blues. As a side note this area is also home to The Marshall Tucker Band. The Marshall Tucker Band was formed in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Cemetery marker for Pink Anderson in Lincoln Memorial Garden. Notice the Gibson guitar.

Pink Anderson played a form of the blues referred to as Piedmont blues. One of the main characteristics of Piedmont blues is a guitar player always fingerpicks his instrument. Which leads us to believe Pink Anderson not only influenced the name of Pink Floyd but also The Marshall Tucker Band. Toy Caldwell lead guitarist for The Marshall Tucker Band never used a guitar pick.

Floyd Council recording of “Looking For My Baby”

Floyd Council was born on September 2nd, 1911 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Council died of a heart attack at Chapel Hill, North Carolina on May 9th, 1976 (age 64). Both Pink Anderson and Floyd Council started their blues careers as street musicians. Floyd Council played both guitar, mandolin and belted out blues vocals.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters join G.E. Smith for a slow blues jam