Song of the day November 4th 2019 ZZ Top “Tush”

Live Performance Of Their Tune “tush” Zz TopPhoto credit YouTube user Razor1234x

Enjoy this live performance of Tush from the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2004. Hey tres amigos jamming it out!

Song of the day for November 4th, 2019 ZZ Top “Tush”

Historical events on November 4th:

1939 United States allows cash and carry arms sales during World War II.

1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected President of the United States.

1959 Ernie Banks shortstop of the Chicago Cubs wins his second consecutive National League MVP.

1979 500 Iranian students loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini seize the US Embassy in Tehran, taking 90 hostages for 444 days.

1980 Ronald Reagan is elected President of the United States.

2001 Harry Potter is released as a movie.

2008 Barrack Obama is elected President of the United States.

November 4th birthdays:

1937 Loretta Swit American acress M*A*S*H*

1946 Laura Bush 1st lady of the United States 2001-2009

1956 Jeff Watson, rock guitarist (Night Ranger)

1969 Matthew McConaughey American Actor

1969 Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) American rapper

1988 Dez Bryant American football player

November 4th weddings:

1842 US FIrst lady Mary Todd Lincoln (23) marries US President Abraham Lincoln (33) in Springfield, IL

November 4th deaths:

1955 Cy Young American baseball player.  Member of Baseball Hall of Fame. Heart attack (88).


On November 4th there are 47 days until the first day of winter.

There are 58 days until New Year’s Day.

There are 136 days until the first day of spring.

There are 229 days until the first day of summer.

There are  days 322 until the first day of autumn/fall.

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