ZZ Top Fingerstyle Slide Guitar Medley Tribute to Dusty Hill 🎸 by Justin Johnson

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Justin Johnson is a guitar virtuoso who has a very large following. Justin posted the following video and statements on his YouTube page as a tribute to ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill who recently passed away.

“It’s heartbreaking that we’ve lost another monumental musician… RIP Dusty Hill 🎸 Dusty may have moved on, but his contribution to Blues and Rock & Roll will live forever! ZZ Top has always been one of the most innovative and entertaining Rock (or Blues) bands ever, and I had to show my respect for Dusty with this arrangement. Dusty sang “Tush” so I worked up an arrangement for solo blues guitar. While I was learning the vocal melody to it, I couldn’t help but appreciate how nuanced and expressive Dusty’s vocals are on that tune.” Justin Johnson

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